18th Free Eye surgery camp

18th Free Eye surgery camp
December 5th, 2015

18th Free Eye surgery camp


On the occasion of 18th anniversary of YES Satellite clinic, YES organized 18th free Eye Surgery camp on the date of 4th and 5th December 2015, Chief guest Shraday Bhante Maha Sthabir Sovit and Sumedh were inaguareted the program by lighting the panas and by doing Boudha Prayers.


On the 4th Dec Dr. Puja Karki a well known surgeon and also a cup of tea member operated 20 patients gathered from different places of Nepal like Nagarkot, Kritipur, Taudaha, Balanbu, Khokana, Manamaiju, Dhadagaun, Trishuli and Kathmandu at Teku the central office of Yes.


The Program was wrapped up by the Founder and Chairman of YES Siddhartha Ranjit. On his closing speech, he highlighted the slogan of YES i.e “Moving towards brightness” and also encouraged audiences to be the member of Cup of tea project to serve humankind and to┬ádonate eye sight.
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