A Cup Of Tea



YES and its Achievements in Brief:
YES is a purely value and volunteer based charitables organization founded in 1995 with the aim of reducing avoidable blindness in Nepal. Using limited resources and support from local contributors, it has been successful in helping more than 43,000 people (including 9000 school children) with eye health diseases/problems from all over Nepal, as well as more than 450 elderly cataract patients get back their eyesight through free cataract surgery camps by the end of 2009 December.

The human eye is an incredibly important organ. We need good eyesight, not just to perform our daily activities freely and easily – things like walking, eating, but also because being able to see well is essential for our self-esteem. So, preventing people from becoming blind is directly and indirectly related to helping them achieve to health, respect and a long life. Unfortunately, the eye health situation for Nepalese people is appalling. People are not taking care of their eyes because of poverty, superstition and lack access to eye health services. In our experience, there are large numbers of elderly people (especially 50 + years) who have to go without eye care services and they often spend several years with avoidable blindness due to cataracts.
Thus, celebrating 15 years of service, YES is announcing the Save-Eyes-Save-Lives Campaign with the aim of running several concentrated free eye care programs targeting the poor and disadvantaged of Nepal.
A cup of tea?:
The cost of cataract surgery in the private clinics in Kathmandu and other major urban centers can be comparatively costlier for the rural poor living in the remote areas. The treatment of the eye diseases is totally out of their reach because it takes several days to get from rural areas to the clinics while the transportation and accommodation costs are also daunting. A cup of tea program aims to collect small fund from its well-wishers and interested people. Thus, our campaign message is
“give us A cup of tea: we will give life back to 100s of neeDy eye patients.”
Help the visually impaired poor people:
You can provide us with a donation equivalent to the cost of a cup of tea of every day or every week and etc. Besides, we also request you to promote the one-cup-of-tea-program among your friends and acquaintances and develop a chain of supporters among the like-minded people who will join the cup of tea donation program. We will compile a list of such people and report (data and photographs) regularly.
A good impact of a donation: Ratna Dangol, a regular eye patient from Kathmandu, is one among YES’s contributors. Following a successful intervention, she showed an interest to collect Rs.75 (equals to a dollar) every day personally herself for Youth Eye Service’s eye care program. We used her donation amount (Rs. 27,500) for free cataract surgery camp held in November 2009.
One of beneficiaries was a woman from Kirtipur. She was nearly blind from cataract that had afflicted her for 6 years. In fact, her family was unable to give proper support due to various reasons and had to depend on others. After the free cataract operation, now she can do what she wants to do and so has her own freedom. She is now living an independent, self-confident, healthy and happy life.
Thanks to all well-wishers and contributors along with Ms. Ratna Dangol and their contribution, there is an answer for needy people who would otherwise face complete blindness. With this experience, the number of people/couples joining the cup of tea donation network is increasing inside Nepal and abroad. In case of Nepal, a person/couple normally contributes above NRs. 3,600.00 annually. However, people also have joined it only with the token money according to their context or for their wedding anniversary, happy bride life, in memory of the departed souls of their parents and etc. After all, it’s the matter of service to the fellow human being at risk of losing their eyesight.

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