Message From Chair Person

Dear Contributors, Volunteers and All, First of all,
On behalf of Youth Eye Service (YES), I gratefully acknowledge and express deep appreciation to all of you while celebrating the 15th Year of Youth Eye Service (YES) to give life back to the poor and needy eye patients of Nepal!! It has been more than 14 years since we established YES with the motto – Moving Towards Brightness.During this period, we have achieved a lot of things and faced challenges and obstacles in the course of providing services to needy eye patients from different parts of the country. In ancient times, Rishi and Dharma Gurus used to spend years on Tapashya in quest of Wisdom. After more than 14 years, YES is also very close to the time when we can turn our dream of opening our own eye-center into reality. According to one report, in 2007 there were approx. 210 000 blind people in Nepal and every year, 42,000 people go blind.It is estimated that more than 80% of blind people in Nepal go blind from preventable or curable problems/diseases. Besides, 400, 000 people have only one eye, while 200 000 people above 18 years of age and 25,000 children suffer from vision problems. In fact, 17% Nepalese people suffer from one kind of eye disorder or another. The majority of Nepalese people are economically disadvantaged and marginalized and therefore do not know how to seek health-care/treatment. They also cannot afford necessary care and service. YES has so far provided examinations and treatment of eye health/problems to over 40 thousand eye patients (including more than 9,000 children).In view of the World Health Organization (WHO) vision program for 2020 for several years, we have also been conducting various eye disease prevention programs as well as targeting school children and training teachers. We think that our dream and effort combined supported by your inspiration and financial aid can make enormous strides in this humanitarian cause. Finally, I would like to express sincere thanks to volunteers and wellwishers of the organization for their valuable contribution.
We wish you the very best of luck.

Siddhartha Ranjit
Chairperson, Youth Eye Service
Kathmandu November, 2009